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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Method of recitation of mantras

I am writing this as a easy way to tell those who consult with me as to how to recite these mantras. I am not advocating willy-nilly recitation of these powerful sounds by readers. Now when I think a mantra is appropriate for someone, I can point them to this post instead of individually explaining to everyone:

1) Background:
Chanting to be completed in 21 days at most. Can complete earlier if you increase count. Chanting to be done everyday in the same spot, facing the same direction (East) and at the same time (+/- 5 mins at most). Sit on an aasana.

2) Sankalpa (to be done on just the first day):
Light a ghee lamp. Sit facing east the lamp in front of you and with a empty plate or vessel in between you and the lamp. Take Rs 1/2/5/10 coin in your right palm. Take some haldi-kumkum, any 1 flower, a little rice and spoonful of water in the same palm. Touch your right arm at the elbow with your left hand finger tip. Hold your right hand in front of you. Close your eyes and pray to the graha (whose mantra you will be reciting) and to your kuladevata to a) solve the specific problems your are reciting the mantra for (mentally detail the issues) and b) to help you to complete your sankalpa. Then pour contents of the hand into the vessel in front of you. You can keep the coin with you or give it to a temple. The other contents can be put at the base of any plant or tree (preferably flowering ones).

3) Chanting:
Chant the prescribed number of malas ( mala of 108 beads to be used) everyday. Do not vary the number. For example, if you are supposed to chant 8 malas, then you cannot do 7 one day and 9 another 8. 8 means 8.

4) Can I use a counter instead of a mala?
Yes. As long as the count is the same. I prefer a mala.

5) What time is best for chanting?
Anytime. but keep it fixed. Preferably late at night, but not compulsory.

6) Can I chant twice or thrice a day (ie 4 malas in the morning and 4 in the evening)?
Yes. As long as you keep this EXACTLY constant and not vary it. Also follow the rule regarding time, place and direction.

7) Can I chant on a full stomach?
Keep an hours gap atleast from a full meal and chanting. Keep a glass of water close to you to sip in the middle if you so require. Sit comfortably. It is important that you are not physically disturbed during the chanting, ie. someone touching you, or you getting up to answer the doorbell or talking on the phone, or petting your dog etc.

8) Do I light the cow ghee lamp everyday?
Not necessarily, but I feel a positive change in environment when I do light it and I prefer to.

9) Can I eat non-veg and drink alcohol during the days I am chanting?
No. In fact if possible then try to maintain brahmacharya to the extent doable.

10) Can a woman chant during her periods?
Ideally try start on a day so that chanting does not coincide with the monthly cycle. But if unavoidable, then its ok to chant then.

11) How loud to chant?
Just so much that you can hear yourself. 

12) What are the Mantras for the Grahas?

May Bhairavi give you whatever is the best for you!

Verdict on Triple Talaq

India awaited a historic verdict from its Supreme Court on the barbaric religious practice of Triple Talaq amongst Muslims. I felt the urge to check what the outcome might be a couple of hours before the 5 judge bench (consisting of judges from 5 different religions) to hear the issue and rule on it.

The chart I cast at the time was as follows:

Lets look at the chart first. Rahu is the graha that signifies Islam and thus Muslims. Rahu is within 1 degree of Leo. While I dont follow traditional astrology, they regard the first and 29th degree of any sign as especially powerful. Note I use geocentric latitudes and true node calculations.

The sign Leo signifies the Govt and is owned by the Sun. Sun is also present in the Sign of Leo as also is the Moon. Both Sun and Moon are significators of the government. So all in all, Rahu was in a critical degree of a sign that signifies government and conjunct with 2 grahas that signify government. This suggested to me that if anyone acts on this barbaric religious practice, it will be the government and not the court.  

I looked at the ruling planets of the time which were Moon, Mercury, Ketu, Sun and Mars. For the court I would have liked to see judicial planets like Jupiter or Saturn take prominence and thus concluded that the barbaric practice will not be removed on the court's direction, but on action from the government.

Further confirmation came when I saw the cuspal sublord (CSL) of the 6th house. The 6th house or cusp gives victory over the opponent. It is Mercury and Mercury is retrograde. Mercury is in Purvaphalguni which is a nakshatra owned by Venus. Thankfully Venus is not retrograde as that would mean that an adverse verdict would be pronounced.

Anyway, since 6th CSL is retograde it means result will be delayed till Mercury goes direct. Mercury goes direct only after Sept 5 2017 and means any action on the Talaq issue is possible only after. That further confirmed that whatever order the Court gave today would be a middle of the road kind of an order as 'finality' is impossible today. 

But then what sort of an order can be expected. I was sure it will be a positive-ish order because the 6th CSL was strongly signifying the 10th house of reputation. (Again it didn't signify 11th house, so gain today was impossible). But 10th house means that reputation protecting order would be there. 

Now look at DBA, Ketu-Sat-Venus. Such an interesting combination of the DBA isnt it? Ketu signifies mixed castes, and it was a religiously diverse bench pronouncing the order. Moon was in Magha Nakshatra which aspires for a high chair and glory. Saturn, for I was curious about a court judgement, and Venus, because the judgement is about marital relations. Its amazing how things just align up in jyotisha as times!

Ketu has a negative combination of 6 8 12 but joined of an equal powered 10 and 11. Thus we can say it is marginally positive. Saturn has a 6 in planet and 12 in nakshatra, countered by a single 10 at the nakshatra level. This is a unfavourable planet. The only positive I can take of this is that it comes under a positive Dasha lord (Ketu) and at the sub level it has only positive houses signified. Venus is positive as well, a solitary 8 cannot do much. it has also a 10 at the planet level and a 11 at the sub level. So marginally a positive. Overall one can say that the DBA are positive but only after a struggle with the negatives. 

This further strengthened my belief that it is foolhardy to expect a table thumping judgement from the Supreme Court on the Talaq issue today. It will be a positive judgement but actual concrete action on this barbaric religious practice can only come from the government after September 5 2017.

This is what happened in reality. The bench ruled 3T as "unconstitutional" by a 3-2 vote and while suspending its use for six months asked the government to legislate to ban the practice completely. I think this is in harmony with what the grahas foretold this morning when I saw the chart.

For those wondering if I have practiced post facto astrology, the answer is NO. I had made a succint prediction on my twitter much before the verdict. Only elucidating it here for those interested in learning.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

My first dog!

Is it apt, or is it almost ironical, that a dog should show up in one’s life when it is raining cats & dogs outside? But as they say…it happened to me! Finishing my Pooja on a Saturday morning a few weeks back, I was surprised to receive a call from a neighbor warning me of “a dog sitting right outside your door”. While I had never kept pet dogs till then I have always had a very soft corner for them. Opening the door, I find this bundle of sweetness curled up, wet, hungry, and shivering with cold outside:


My wife too has not been a pet owner, but she shares my affection for canines. We quickly got a few towels and manage to rub him dry through all his licking and hugging. We noticed that he had a limp in one of forelegs (perhaps due to the long walk from wherever he came). Since I have studied Jyotisha, I took his coming as a divine sign. After all he showed up on his own on a Saturday and just like Lord Shani who limps, he too came with a limp. Who adopted whom exactly, is thus a question that will remain unresolved.

My wife named him Coco, and like every good husband I know not to argue. “He looks like hot chocolate”, she said. And I agree. Coco’s antecedents are unknown. But given that he sought out a human house for shelter suggested that he was domesticated. Not having a collar meant that he has likely been abandoned. 

Quick visit to a doctor followed. I will recommend Dr. Aher to any other pet owners in Pune near the Baner, Aundh area. He is a young chap and clearly loves working with his patients. Since we didn’t know Coco’s vaccination status we got him vaccinated in a day or two of his arrival. Coco had a lot of ticks that were taken care of by some ayurvedic powder (helpfully provided by a fellow dog loving neighbor) and some meticulous picking by my wife. The doc suggested some de-worming pills which we gave him immediately that evening. Additionally, we are giving him calcium supplements, Vitamin A supplements, and something for his limp which appeared to be a swollen joint caused by excessive strain. There is also a liver tonic we mix with his milk.

Coco has brought a lot of joy to our lives. He is hard work, yes but it’s all worth it. No wonder dog owners live longer! Coco has seen a massive growth spurt in the last 2-3 weeks. He used to be able to squeeze out from our gate railings when came, now he cannot get his head through. The Doctor estimates that Coco is about 5 months old and will continue to grow for another 12 months. Already at a hefty 14 kilos, we expect Coco to level out at 30 kgs when fully grown. Look at him now!


We are still not sure what type of a dog he is. I know he is a local breed, generically referred to as Indi (for indigenous?) breed.  But judging by his patterns, uniform and very thick chestnut fur, black snout, tail and tips of ears, a symmetrical white patch on his chest, and his general demeanor, I suppose is some combination of an Indian Mastiff, Kombai and Gaddi.


The three pics above pics are courtesy of  (

Indian Mastiffs are a north Indian breed and are excellent guard dogs and were, quite abhorrently, used for dog fighting purposes. Kombai is a Southern breed and has a characteristic black muzzle. It is primarily a hunting dog. Gaddi is from the Himalayan region and hence the furry coat. These are also excellent hunting dogs and can stand up to even leopards. Apart from the physical markings Coco has shown remarkable strength of character in not backing down from neighborhood dogs that are larger and could probably make him their chew-toy. In fact in several cases I have had to restrain him from charging them! We keep him mostly free in our front yard but needs to be tied up for a few hours everyday for the limp to heal. After all doctor has advised bedrest.

He is mouthing though and tends to bite and roughhouse with me quite a lot. So we recently got in touch with a trainer who will start classes on Sunday. Coco will soon be going to school! How quickly they grow up.

Friday, 21 July 2017

What keeps an Indian liberal awake at night?

The biggest, nay the only, thing that keeps the Indian ‘liberals’ awake at night is the complete lack of political opposition to the juggernaut that is Narendra Modi. Not only does it lack leaders to spearhead a campaign against Narendra Modi, they do not even seem to have issues to highlight. Deft handling of both, governance and politics, by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah has all but annihilated NDA’s political opposition.

Think about it this way. Narendra Modi became the NDA’s Prime Ministerial candidate in September 2013 or thereabouts. But he had first come into the nation’s gaze due to the attention showered upon him by the mainstream media during the post Godhra incidents. This was in 2002. Even Modi’s harshest critics will agree that, at the very least, here is a man of extraordinary political acumen and intelligence. His ability to sway a crowd, whether in India or abroad, of masses or classes, in person or over a social media platform, is unparalleled in recent history. 

It took someone of this stature and intelligence over a decade to become a serious contender for the Prime Ministerial office. Now look at the opposition’s ranks today and try to identify who they have today that is of the stature of Narendra Modi in 2002. The Bookkeeper sees absolutely no one. As such, I am unsure if UPA has a PM candidate for 2024 even, much less 2019! One of the key reasons for this vacuum one surmises  is that UPA was hamstrung by having to project only one family as the panacea for all the ills of the country. They spent time, inventing, reinventing and re-reinventing ad nauseam a candidate who is quite frankly unelectable to the august office to which he aspires. No one else was developed or identified as a ‘plan B’.

But elections will be held and candidates will need to be put up. The question then is how the UPA will strategize in this situation. For this, The Bookkeeper makes one assumption about the UPA’s stand on 2019. The Bookkeeper believes that UPA has accepted that it is going to lose. Now they need to work around it. 

The Bookkeeper does not think that Rahul Gandhi will offer himself up as the general of a losing army. This would completely take him out of any post poll power equations. The myth of Priyanka Gandhi has also been busted in the minds of many. These are no longer the times when mere resemblance to a past PM will carry anyone through to the PM’s office. As such The Bookkeeper has ruled the siblings out.

Readers can themselves figure out why old stalwarts like Sharad Pawar, Mulayam Singh, Laloo Yadav, Akhilesh Yadav, Kharge, Kejriwal etc are also not in contention of the post of PM. The Bookkeeper will then not belabor himself.

The two pieces on the political chess board that mildly interest The Bookkeeper are Captain Amarinder Singh and Nitish Kumar. Nitish Kumar has had a blow hot – blow cold situation with the NDA and Laloo for the past few months. The Bookkeeper believes that politically, the correct move for Nitish would be to consolidate his position in Bihar and replace Laloo. Going head to head with Narendra Modi is not his priority. He may be seeing himself as more of backroom boy who will step in after the polls perhaps. But he is in no hurry whatsoever. He has time to wait, and wait he will. Thus The Bookkeeper believes that Nitish will not accept to become UPA’s PM candidate for 2019.
Captain Amarinder Singh is someone The Bookkeeper has come to respect among the current crop of his alternatives in Congress. As one of the few people in Congress who can win polls, I am sure he has immense clout within the Party. This makes him a serious contender to become UPA’s PM candidate. His biggest strength is his demand from both sides of the aisle which gives him strong bargaining power. Captain saab has not a lot to lose. If UPA loses badly, his position in Punjab will not be impacted. In his position, I would have been happy to become the Leader of Opposition as well and raise my national stature. In fact, The Bookkeeper would prefer having someone like him as LOP rather than the current crop. If Captain takes over the reins in 2019, it will thus to expand his hold in Congress, rather than Congress’ hold in India.

But I’m afraid, he too will be disappointed.

Assuming that the Opposition has given up on 2019, I believe they will use the opportunity to create a fertile ground for 2024. Lacking issues and personalities, the thrust of the Party will be to create narratives that can help launch a personality in time for 2024. 

What are the conditions that the narrative must satisfy for it to be chosen by liberals to vanguard their revival? First of all, it should have global appeal. It is easier for donation dollars to flow in that way. The second thing, it has to be a massively emotive issue. The sort of you cannot argue against even logically without looking like some sort of a bigot. They will smother you with political correctness. Thirdly, the issue must be one where the new ‘leader’ of the opposition must squarely fit into.

There are three main issues that The Bookeeper identifies:
1) Caste divide
2) Language divide
3) Women’s rights

The Bookkeeper believes that the liberal establishment will proceed on all three paths above at the same time and then based on whichever gains traction, decide their candidate. 

Narendra Modi has effectively cut off the “caste divide” angle by making Shri Kovind as the Presidential candidate (deservedly so). An astute choice of a Vice Presidential candidate has ensured that there is not North-South divide either. 

The ‘Language divide’ can also be tackled through negotiations. Honestly, apart from a couple of states it really isn’t a big issue for anyone else. There will be sporadic shop-board blackenings, a few book burnings etc., but apart from these, the BookKeeper doesn’t see this becoming the next vote bank.

While both above are viable narratives for the Left, the Bookkeeper believes that the third one, Women’s Rights, will be the sharpest arrow in the Left’s quiver. Expect a massive increase in news coverage of crimes (real and made up) against women. There will be sustained efforts to show that women are unsafe in India. In fact some basic spade work has already started months back. Why, even Indian’s refer to Delhi as the rape capital of the world. There will be a massive push, burkha marches, slut walks, etc for women’s rights in India as 2019 polls approach. Demand for more and more laws will be made, marriage as an institution will be severely targeted. In fact it would be the ideal platform for the Left if they can pitch a disgruntled Woman leader against Narendra Modi, who has a fairly ‘macho’ image.

Development will no longer be an issue. It will be a ‘men vs. women’ mandate in 2019 and afterwards. The Left has no choice but to do this. It is up to the Indian electorate to be vigilant and observe the strategy pursued by the Left. Within the BJP, it would be incumbent upon the powerful lady leaders and supporters to thwart any attempts at creating this parallel narrative by the Left. This is a narrative that simply cannot be countered by Men.  

The base case for this massive churn remains it happening in 2024. But it is tough to predict how a headless chicken driven to desperation will behave.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Will I get into Harvard?

This was a question from a friend of mine whom I've known since my college days. She's one year my junior and currently a successful analyst in an investment firm. She wanted to go for an executive management programme at the Harvard University and had applied for the same. The question asked is in the title and the chart and significators are below:

In essence this question is "will I get admission to a school of my choice". A question that I had examined earlier and it had caused me a sleepless night! So with some trepidation I proceeded to study this chart.

Moon signifies 2 4 9, which are houses connected with education and as such the question is adequately represented in the chart.

The ongoing DBA, within which the result was expected was Mo-Me-Ve.

Mo has 2 4 9, all positive houses, but not super positive as '11' is not present. Also, no negative houses are present and that is a relief.

Me is markedly positive it has 5 9 10 11 (5 11 is wisdom, 9 11 is higher education, 10 11 is gain of reputation). There is a solitary '8' that may cause some problems, but it cannot derail the admission.

Ve has the full education combination of 2 4 5 9 11, it also has 10. This is an extremely positive planet for the selection.

See how beautifully the DBA has lined up. Moon signifies travel. Mercury signified education and Venus signifies beauty, or rather ornamental nature, which in this case Harvard is. Same education can be obtained elsewhere, but 'Harvard' adds an ornament or decoration to a person.

Other planets are also positive for education. It must also be noted that while Moon is not a super positive (as mentioned earlier), I considered it to be strong enough, because this is an executive program, where the ability of the person to pay fees is primary and not some competitive examination like CAT or JEE. If there was a competitive examination then I doubt the houses signified by the Moon would have been enough to let this candidate through.

Anyway, so my answer was that you will get into Harvard. And I was right. The person called me a week after saying "I got in".

The '8' played an interesting role as the person was not offered a course of her choice. Instead they offered her a lower course. There were a lot of discussions and finally they agreed to let her take the original course and upgraded her. So the '8' caused some arguments, some delay, a little disappointment, but the ultimate result was positive.

Readers who have seen my exasperation when analysing a similar question earlier will remember the rule I had finally looked at to arrive at the right answer:

"If we have to see chosen school then another rule needs to be applied which is: 4th CSL and 11th CSL must be direct planets, posited in direct stars AND both should be posited in Sthira (fixed) signs"

In this case, 4th CSL is Rahu. Rahu signifies both 4 and 11. Rahu is posited in Ketu.  Retrograde rules do not apply to nodes as they are almost always retrograde. Rahu is posited in Leo, which is a fixed sign.

11th CSL is Venus. Venus is direct. It is posited in the star of Moon. Sun and Moon are never retrograde. Venus is in its own sign of Taurus. Taurus is a fixed sign. Venus signifies 4th house of education.

As such even the rule of Shahasane is satisfied and supported my belief that ultimate result of the question would be positive.

Chinese belligerence belies internal rumblings

Over the past month, The Bookkeeper's Whatsapp feed as also his twitter feed has been inundated with news of an Indo-Chinese military standoff at the Doklam Pass in Bhutan. The Bookkeeper is loathe to describe the issue again as there is no dearth online of material on it. What strikes The Bookkeeper as interesting is the news that local Chinese media is increasingly playing up the issue, threatening India, warning to open new fronts and even reminding India repeatedly of their military victories against the Jawaharlal Nehru government. 

The one thing that I would like to stress it that this theater is one where India has an undisputed advantage in military terms. In fact China would require a 10:1 superiority over the Indian army to make even a dent here, and both parties to the conflict know this. The strategic importance of this piece of land is such that some experts opine that India would even risk a full blown conflict to protect its interests there. The visit of the top command of Indian armed forces, the recent financial carte blanche given to the army to handle short skirmishes also send across the message that India is serious about defending this area.

It is in this context that the belligerence displayed by Chinese media regarding this stand off is extremely interesting, more than the stand-off itself. While conventional analysts have focused on the relative military might, the strategic importance of the region etc, the political fallout in China is something that has not been covered at all.

To understand the 'politics' of the issue it is important to take a brief look at Xi Jinping, the current 'paramount' leader of China. Xi was elected to the post of The General Secretary of the Communist Party and the Chairmanship of the Central Military Commission in November 2012. In his inaugural speech he made special mention of corruption and the need to weed it out.Thus in 2012 he started a 'campaign against corruption" with a stated goal of targeting "tigers and flies" (meaning he would target both high officials and low level functionaries). The Bookkeeper has read of over 100,000 officials being indicted for corruption, including 120 high ranking officials across military, political spectrum and leaders of State Owned Enterprises. 

The biggest move in this campaign has been Xi's breaking of the unwritten rule of not investigating any present or former members of the Politburo Standing Committee (PSC). Stories of Bo Xilai and Ling Jihua are well known, but the campaign has not even spared General Xu Caihou, a former politburo member. Xu was also the vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, the highest position that can be occupied by a military officer in China. However, the biggest 'fish' has been Zhou Yongkang who is a former PSC member and national security chief. Zhou was convicted in June 2015 and has been sentenced to life in prison. 

The Bookkeeper cannot speculate as to the intention of such a bold move on part of Xi. Was it out of noble interests or was it a 'great purge' disguised as an anti corruption drive to remove all opposition and meddling from others. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that Xi is now described by some as the most powerful leader in China since Deng Xiaoping. The number of seats in the politburo have been reduced to 7 from 9 and decision making has become increasingly centralized in the hands of Xi. There are internet restrictions and 'defamatory' articles can be taken down and people who share them can even be arrested with a jail term for up to three years.

Without meandering over the morality or otherwise of these actions (it is never wise to use morality to analyse politicians anyway), The Bookkeeper does not find it hard to imagine that these actions can create enemies if Xi within the Chinese polity. 

Now coming back to the Chinese media's belligerent coverage of a conflict it is likely to lose. The Bookkeeper sees this as a tactic by Xi Jingping's political contemporaries to weaken his position and perhaps even seize power. Perhaps by exerting influence on newspapers to continually 'threaten' India about things they know Xi simply cannot do, they are hoping Xi will lose face. This can also be inferred by the difference in the intensity of coverage of the border issue in Indian and Chinese media. Indian media is hardly reporting it! If China indeed wanted India to back down, The Bookkeeper can imagine several publications in India that are friendly to China that it could have used to forward scary stories. 

China is like a bully child. They first lay claim to something and then if the other side does not object, it will keep pushing for more till a bigger bully stands up to them. Like in this case, they tried to expand militarily in an area they know they have no right to. India stood up and now they have to back down. Anyone who has even a passing friendship with Chinese knows how important the concept of "saving face" is to them. The Bookkeeper believes it is socially acceptable even to lie if the reason was to "save face". People will 'understand'. 

The accepted tactic was that the PLA would carry out some exercises at the border and then slowly withdraw after testing its limit with the Indian army. However, the coverage in their local media has made it impossible for the army to back down. They cannot back down, and they cannot fight. This has put the head of the armed forces, President Xi Jinping, in a very difficult position. He is now unable to "save face". And if he loses face, he will be left with no option but to resign. In the interim he has no option but to leave his army at the border and wait for winter which will give him a face saving excuse to bring the PLA back to barracks, 

So, while two armies stand-off at the border, the real bullets are flying in Beijing. The Bookkeeper sees political machinations intensifying after the winter sets in. I will not be surprised to see several heads roll as those who fed material to the local papers are identified.  

Friday, 2 June 2017

Pregnancy woes

First the chart and significators:

This lady has been trying to conceive for the last 8 years or so but has been unsuccessful. The chart came to me yesteday and I examined it at 2:31 PM when the RPs were, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun and Jupiter. Since the question pertained to conception, I saw the 5th cusp sublord which is Jupiter. Jupiter features in the RPs and so I concluded that the chart timing is correct.

Jupiter is in Rohini Nakshatra, which is owned by the Moon (in fact Rohini is considered by puranas as the favourite wife of the Moon). As once can see above significator table, Jupiter is not signifying either 2/5/11 needed for conception. It does however signify 9 which is the 5th from 5th and is considered by some to be almost as powerful in giving a child. Additionally, Jupiter is aspecting the 5th house thus signifying by aspect. Also if one closely observes, Jupiter is in rapt conjunction with the 11th house, in fact if the birth time were to be fixed at a minute earlier, Jupiter would have fallen in the 11th cusp instead of the 10th. Readers must also know by now that Jupiter is in fact the natural significator of child birth and is placed in the star or Moon (signifying motherhood). The 5th cusp also falls in Scorpio which is a fruitful sign and the 11th cusp and 5th CSL in Taurus which is a Semi-fruitful sign. Only the 2nd cusp falls in Leo which is barren. Giving all this due consideration, I concluded that a child is not 'denied' to the native. But given the lack of a clear cut 2/5/11 signification it is no surprise that conception has not been easy so far.

The native has been trying for 8 years, so roughly from 2006 onwards. Her Mars dasha ended in July 2005 and after this Rahu has started. Rahu is a natural malefic and thus it is no surprise that it is troubling her in his own way. Rahu has the full combination of no child at the planet level (1 4 10). But it also has 5 9 11 there. It has 5 9 in the star countered by a 10 and then 9 at the sub level. While this would normally be considered good enough to give a child, it has been rendered weak due to the full no child combination being present in the planet. But perhaps a good bhukti might do the trick. 

Now we know Ra-Ra will not work due to the compromised nature of the north node. This took up time till 14 Mar 28, thereafter there was Jupiter Bhukti. As already seen above, while Ju is a natural child giver, the strong signification of 1 8 10 at star and sub level means it cannot overcome an already ambivalent Rahu dasha to give a child. This took up time till 7 Aug 2010. Then Saturn bhukti started, lets look at Saturn. Saturn has a 9 but stronger signification of 1 8 12 (this suggests a defect and indeed the lady was diagnosed with endometriosis) and so no chance till 13 June 2013. Then Mercury Bhukti started. Mercury is better than Saturn and Jupiter but similar in strength to Rahu for child birth, which will not do. This took up the period till Jan 1 2016. Ketu is also similar, 1 8 10 12 defeating the 5 9s. This took up period till 19 Jan 2017. Now she is in Venus Bhukti till 19 Jan 2020. Venus has a 4 signified but has a 9 11, 9 and 9 11 at the planet, star and sub level respectively making it a strong planet for child birth. Now this can be looked at! Notably, Venus is in the RPs as well. 

To figure out the Antara, obviously Venus antara is good and Sun may also give child, so current till September 2017. Sun and Venus are both in RPs. Moon is not a strong child giver as seen from the significators table. Mars is a possibility, so the period from 13 Dec 2017 to 15 Feb 2018, followed by Rahu is a possibility. So the first 7 months of 2018 is when conception will happen at the latest, after a nearly 9 year wait. I will post the news as I am informed.

Given the overall stature of the horoscope, I will also say that chances of a natural conception are slim (not impossible), and most likely conception will happen via IVF, sperm donor, or similar such medical procedure. 

Note: the lady also asked me a prashna and that chat was incredibly positive suggesting chances even in the current year! However her husband works abroad and is home only few weeks every year and so I will stick to my longer term prediction so that he can plan a trip accordingly. But in event of him coming earlier, even July-August 2017 is a good time as per the Prashna chart.

May Bhairavi give her, what is best for her!