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Saturday, 16 December 2017

So long folks!

Hello folks, 

It has been sometime since I wrote on charts. It has been a wonderful journey and I have met amazing people who considered me worthy of sharing their life issues with me. I learnt from them and hopefully my advice or reading of their charts helped them as well. Some have become good friends and topics with them evolved beyond jyotisha, into life, spirituality, family, etc. They are hopefully reading this and they should know I cherish their friendship.

However, I have to announce a short break from reading charts now. Honestly, I was not able to keep up with the charts asked and with Moon in my Ascendant I am not able say 'No' to someone who asks for help. Having my normal commitments along with reading charts stretched my schedule no end. So before I started to wane in my accuracy and bring discredit to the science of Jyotisha, I have decided to take a break.

When I return, I will hopefully be rejuvenated and happy to share analysis of newer charts. But for the purposes of consultation then, I will only take charts from only some of the people I have worked with earlier. I have had too many experiences with frivolous questions and non-serious querents which disappointed me no end. 

I may continue to write on jyotisha on the blog (so I am not stopping blogging!) to share whatever little knowledge I have, and any new discoveries. 

My hope is everyone keeps reading my past posts and continue their jyotisha learning journey. May it prove as exhilarating for you as it has for me. May Ma Bhairavi give all of you, whatever is best for you. 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

KP never fails

A businessman contact was recently interested in going into a food venture with a Russian company. The idea was to set up a type of western breakfast food stores across cities. My contact went for several meetings with the Russian company's management and after everything was finalised contacted me to check when the final contract signing would happen and whether the business will be profitable for him. 

Chatting over whatsapp he gave the seed number 407.(!!!!)

I immediately knew that the answer is negative. For he knew fully well that the seed should be between 1 and 249 (having consulted with me about a million times before) and yet he gave a number out of the range. This is an omen that all is not well. Students should note that if this happens 9 times out of 10 the answer to the question being asked is unfavourable.

Anyway, not wanting to disappoint my friend, I asked him to give me a new number. In fact this new number would corroborate how correct the omen was.

The new number he gave was 131 and I cast a chart at 19:41:52, Pune on October 31, 2017. I am not putting the chart here as I am working on a very slow net connection. But diligent students would already have a software right? :)

First thing I checked was the 3rd CSL as it will determine questions like "Will  I get the contract?". The rule is simple, if the 3rd CSL signifies the 11th house the person gets the contract. The 3rd CSL in this case was Jupiter. Jupiter is in the star of Rahu. Their significations are as follows:

Ju 1 3 6; 

Ra 10;
Conjunct X
Aspect X
Sign lord Moon: 5 10; Ju 1 3 6
Star lord Me: 1 9 12

Jupiter aspects 5, 7 and 9

As one can see there is no connection between the 3rd CSL and the 11th house. As such I told him, according to me you will not get the contract. 

This was quite shocking for the querent who had expected to hear more on how the business would run and risks etc, but here I was saying that the contract which was in the final stages or crossing Ts and dotting Is will not materialise at all.

He pushed me saying "There and only grammatical errors that we are working out. We have already paid them a token. And honestly they cannot possibly back out, they've been working on this project for 3 months now!".

I replied: Look I have been wrong once or twice. So maybe I am wrong in my prediction here. But my dharma is to honestly interpret the chart based on the rules of interpretation. Since 3rd CSL does not signify 11th cusp, I cannot say that you will get the contract.

The conversation ended there, with him prodding me and I sticking to my stand of contract not materializing. What is the point of analysing the health of a non existent business. This is the strength and the weakness of stellar jyotisa. The strength is that most times, especially to a serious question, the answer is crystal clear. Which is why, like Vedic astrologers I do not have to delve into obscure puranic stories and how x planet is friendly with y and who is whose son and which is whats wife etc. But this becomes a weakness when a client insists on wanting to hear a story instead of a clear yes or no. People would rather that the jyotisha be wrong but give them a great story, instead of simply being correct. Alas, that cant be helped. We all carry our own burdens :)

Anyway, I was travelling for 10 days after that and in between on 6th Nov received a message from the querent, "Ur prediction was right the agreement is not going through. The guys had ulterior motives and it cannot be worked out on the terms they are now offering".

My reply was simple: Brother, I take Rs 1500 per question, how much did you spend on travel and not to mention the interest lost on the million odd you gave as token. Wouldnt it be cheaper for you to ask me these questions before you commit so many resources instead of after? I havent received a reply yet.

Verily, who cares about the doctor once the illness is cured.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Lost girl - will she be found?

I received the following message from a friend: a 12-13 year old  girl is lost, her father has given the seed number 29 with the question "when will my daughter be found?". I can imagine how scary and painful it will be for a father, especially in this day and age, to lose a daughter like this and I immediately cast the following chart:

In cases of such lost persons, the first thing to check is that the 11th CSL should not be in the star of a retrograde planet and should signify the house related to the person being lost. Let us look at the 11th CSL here and its significations:

Moon 5, 3 4; Su 5 

As can be seen the 11th CSL in the prashna chart prepared for a number given by the father is strongly signifying the 5th house (5th house stands for child). As such there is 100% certainty that the child will be found.

Next I looked at the rotated chart (rotated to make the 5th cusp the Ascendant) to garner more information:

The DBA is of Sun-Me-Me. Lets look at the Nadi significators:

Mercury strongly signifies the 9th and 12th cusp that suggests to me that the girl is far away from her native place. Given that there are Rahu and Ketu do not feature in the DBA I do not think she has been kidnapped. Asc CSL Rahu (in rotated chart) is in Chara Rashi of Cancer, suggesting that the girl is on the move. None of the DBA planets are malefic, so she is not in discomfort. So in some ways is it possible that she has run off on her own?

The Ruling Planets at the time of judgement were Venus, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Mercury. Mercury, Venus and Sun are fast moving planets and as such there are good chances of the girl being located in 7-10 days. 

D lord Sun is strongly signifying the 3rd house while Bhukti and Antara lord are signifying 2 11. So I believe that a message will be received about the girl before she actually comes home. In any case the prashna asked was "when will my daughter be FOUND?" not "when will she COME HOME?". So I am not too bothered about the presence of 3 and absence of 4. 

Now 'when' she will be located is the question. For that we will use the transit principle outlined in the last blog about the Quiz. Look at the un-rotated chart again:

House of desire fulfillment is 11th. 11th house is empty. 11th is owned by Saturn. Saturn is untenanted (i.e. no planets in any star owned by Saturn). However, Sun, Rahu and Ketu are in Saturn's sub, so Sun, Rahu and Saturn will become the strongest significators of the 11th house. Since the event is expected to occur in 7-10 days, we will look at the transit of the Moon. between 20 and 27th Sept, Moon will pass through the signs of Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and the first 2-3 degrees of Sagittarius. Star owned by Rahu appears in Libra and Moon will pass through this star on 23rd September 2017, between 1:17AM to September 24th 2:17AM. This would be the period when the girl would be found.

Sure enough, I got a message at 2PM on September 23, 2017 (90 mins back) from the same friend who had relayed the father's question to me that the girl has been found by the police (govt agent - Sun dasha lord signifies govt) in a city about 150-160 kms away from her home town. As predicted, a message from the police was received before the girl returned and as I type the family is en route to that other city to meet the girl in the police station.'

My pranaams to Ma Bhairavi to have returned the girl to her family.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Of Pappu, Parkar and Padmawati…

“I give them what they want, so that they will want, what I want to give”

The Bookkeeper believes there will be attempts made by the liberal cabal to push its narrative to the youth. This will happen through films, music, TV, ‘poetry jams’, nonsensical Whatsapp forwards, etc. One should not be surprised to find a sudden surge in movies that glorify arab plunderers of India. There will be attempts made to also humanize and perhaps idolize ruthless gangsters. The figures will be painted in a Guevara-esque colour, of being a rebel, of fighting against ‘the rigid, patriarchal, misogynistic, casteist, ritualistic, mindset of the Hindu, controlled by the north Indian hindi speaking Brahmin male’ (hope I did not miss any cliché). The reason for this impending visual onslaught is simple, to influence the minds of the young voter.  The rapist will become the lover, and the criminal will become the rebel. 

The young voter is what put Narendra Modi into power in 2014. Consider this, in the 2014 polls, ~25% of the new voters were in the 18-19 year old age group, nearly 50% if you include those till the age of 22 years. In all, eligible voters in the 18-23 years range were just under 50 million. In just seven states with the youngest voting population (C’garh, J’khand, MP, Delhi, UP, Assam and Rajasthan), the simple average vote share of BJP was 46% vs. national average of 31%. It is this segment of young, first time voters who are convinced by his argument of development over the usual ‘appease Muslims and any one caste group to win elections’ approach that had cost India its golden years post-independence.

By the time 2019 rolls around, the influence of younger votes will intensify. A staggering 133 million are estimated to be first time voters in the 2019 elections. This is the generation that doesn’t remember 2002 and doesn’t know of Ayodhya. It is these minds that need to be captured by Narendra Modi’s vision for India, if he is to win. While Modi is doing his bit through MUDRA loans for entrepreneurship, free gas connections, bank accounts, the liberal cabal will use the mediums at their disposal, namely the creative arts and the film industry. 

It not for nothing that Rahul Gandhi is projected as one blessed with perpetual youth. It is not for nothing that he is touring colleges on a regular basis. Is it indeed a coincidence that that a ‘love’ story about an Mughal prince and Rajput Princess released just 1 year or so before the 2009 general elections; and another film allegedly showing a ‘love’ story between a Mughal prince and a Rajput princess will be releasing just a year or so before the 2019 polls? Has anyone noticed a sudden upsurge in overly political and anti Narendra Modi Whatsapp forwards circulating on various groups? Also, a sudden surge in ‘youtube’ videos perhaps? The Bookkeeper believes it is to ensure that the first time voter is swayed away from voting for the Congress.  A person’s first vote matters. The Bookkeeper knows of several people who vote for Congress only because “I have always voted for it”, or “my family is a Congress voter”, type reasons. 42% of the voters make their minds about who to vote even before the campaign starts (as per CSDS post poll 2014 survey). 

It is important to be vigilant. Remember, 100 million people voted for Congress in the last general elections. That is not a small number by any stretch of imagination. Nearly 20% of those surveyed by CSDS (post poll 2014) preferred a Gandhi, or their appointee as the Prime Minister of India. Indian National Congress was still the no. 2 party as per the same survey to the question “which party has raised issues that you consider most important”. 18% felt that the Congress was better part for administering India. 15.8% identified themselves as traditional Congress voters (more than 15.2% for the BJP). This is after seeing a disastrous 10 years riddled with scams and the (now infamous) interview of Rahul Gandhi by Arnab Goswami. 

No wonder the liberal cabal is enthused with the prospects of winning young hearts and minds over with covert propaganda films and TV programming. And it is this that motivates a certain type of a film maker.

Consider the above post completely fictional. Any resemblance to any movie, or person, living, dead, imaginary, or about to release completely coincidental and with no intention to cause harm or tarnish reputations of anyone or anything.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

A quiz and its solution

This was a quiz asked by a fellow astrology student. It is a prashna chart that deals with the birth of a child. The chart has been rotated as per the person who asked the question, so dont bother with that. The important thing is that the chart pertains to the birth of the third child. As such we will take the 9th cusp to mean that child, (5th is first child, 7th is second and 9th is the third child).

The quiz questions were:

1) Would it be natural birth or cesarean would be needed?
2) Sex of the child?
3) Date of birth (was told that its between 8th Sept and 19th Sept 2017)

The chart is as follows:

9th CSL is Saturn, Saturn is posited in Mars sign of Scorpio that is the 8th house of the natural zodiac and signifies going deep. The planet Mars (karaka of surgery) also features in the RPs, so I was reasonably sure that there was surgery involved. To be doubly sure, lets look at the significations of the 9th CSL:

Sa 11, 2; Me 8, 7 9

The prime house of surgery, 8th, is also involved so my answer was yes, this would have been a cesarean birth. This answer was correct.

Sex related questions are best not answered as there is always a risk that the family will get a baby girl aborted, but since this Q is in post event I will analyse it here. Again we will look at the 9th cuspal sublord. 9th CSL is Saturn, its star lord Mercury is posited in Leo. Leo is a male sign, and so the child will be male. This answer was also correct.

Date of delivery is something I got wrong (though I was the closest to the date amongst the astrologers to whom this quiz was asked). This was a pure transit based question. I used Nadi significators and Nadi transit methodology to arrive at the date:

Ke, Ve, Su, Mo, Ra, Ju, Sa, Me is signifying full combination of 2 9 11. Mars too has a 2 11 signified. So in effect all planets are positive for child birth. From 8th Sept onwards Ra, Me, Ma, and Su are conjoined in Leo. Interestingly even the sookshma condition of transit planet conjoining with a natal planet (both planets being positive for the event) is being fulfilled on the 8th of Sept itself, with transit Mars at 7:44 and natal Me at 8:24. As such it was extremely tough to pick out a date. Look at the transit chart at the date and time of the event:

As you can see, transit conditions are getting fulfilled, Mars+Me+Su in the same sign and transit Me, in rapt conjunction with natal (or prashna chart in this case) Mercury. The DBA is Mo-Ra-Ve and on 13th September 2017 at 9:49AM (my answer was 10th Sept), the following as the transit position of the relevant DBA indicators at the time of the event:

Sun transited Sun Sign, Venus star and Ketu sub
Moon transited Venus Sign, Mars star and Rahu sub
Ascndt transited Venus Sign, Jupiter star and Ketu sub

DBASP lords:
Moon transited Venus Sign, Mars star and Rahu sub
Rahu transited Moon Sign, Mercury star and Saturn sub
Venus transited Moon Sign, Mercury star and Jupiter sub
Saturn transited Mars Sign, Mercury star and Jupiter sub 
Mercury transited Sun Sign, Ketu star and Jupiter sub 

While I will continue to do research this, would also be very appreciative of any readers who can tell me why 13 Sept should be the date. Most of the leg work is done. I have been too close to it, so will need to take a break. Please feel free to email me at if anyone has a unique take on why the transit on 13th Sept was fruitful and not the one on 9th/10th of September.

Also giving KP significators for ease of readers (red is sub and sub's star):

The asker just clarified that when Moon passes the strongest significator of the 11th house the event will take place. Apparently, since this is final fructification of the event the 11th is more important than the 9th (which is the primary house of the event). 11th house has Saturn, Mars is the planet in Saturn's star. So when moon passes through Mars owned constellation the event will take place. In the period specified, Moon will travel though Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo. Of these signs, only Taurus and Gemini have Mars owned star. Moon will pass through them on 13th and 14th. In fact Moon had just entered Mars star in Taurus when the birth happened. (ve-ma-ra-ve). Interesting approach, I will keep a track of this 11th house significations closely. Request readers to do the same.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

The Great Gambler

This is the chart of someone who plays on the professional poker circuit. Since Most of us, especially astrology students, will not come across someone who makes money through games of chance I am appending this chart here. Arguably, poker is not a game of chance but for the purposes of jyotisha, it will be considered under luck, lottery, gambling etc. Here is the chart:

First of all lets look at the sub lord of the 2nd cusp (of wealth), it is Saturn. Saturn signifies 10, 2 3; Mars 10, 5 12. Thus we can see that Saturn is signifying the 5th house strongly. All entertainment, luxury, sports, films, games, gambling and such activities come under gambling. Thus this person can acquire wealth through 5th house related activities. Interestingly, this person has invested in a few app start-ups that are also dealing with either sports or with card games. So even the 3rd cusp (of communication) being signified along with the 5th cusp by the 2nd CSL is making sense now. It is to be noted that 2nd CSL being Saturn is also significant, because Saturn signifies all underground categories and it is understandable as to why gambling or poker can be considered to be an underground activity. Saturn is in Mars which shows some sort of competition, as Mars is a natural warrior. As such he has chosen poker where there is competition with someone else and not a pure game of chance like matka or craps.

Saturn is also the 5th cuspal sublord indicating underground activities and we all know the importance of a 'poker face', while playing poker. It effectively means to misrepresent ones hand to ones opponents. Saturn is also the planet responsible for lying or hiding the truth. This will also apply in some measure to other matters associated with these houses as well, but that is not important here.

Now the person in question started of playing Poker as a hobby and then ventured into professionally playing it in 2010. What happened then? His Moon Dasha started.

Houses signified by 
Moon: 4 8

Ke 1
Ma 10, 5 12; Ra 7* 
Ju 11, 1 4; Ra 7*
Su 2 9

*Ra 7
Ju 11, 1 4; Ra 7*
Sa 10, 2 3; Ma 10, 5 12
Me 2 7 10; Mo 4 8
Ju 11, 1 4

Moon's sublord:
Sa 10, 2 3; Ma 10, 5 12

As one can see, the native is getting results primarily through the house 4 (he owns a lot of land) and through 8 (underground activities). what sort of results? That can be seen from the starlord of the planet. Houses strongly signified will tell us that he will win (2 11) and lose ( 5 12) and play against several different group of opponents (9th).

The dasha is mixed and whether the native won more or lost would have depended on the dates he played. A good bhukti-antara would give him a win, and a bad one a loss.

He consulted with me early this year and I had advised him to avoid all risky activities, especially games of chance from March 2017 to October 2017. The reason for this was that he was in Ketu's bhukti in that period. 

Ke 1
Ma 10, 5 12; Ra 7* 
Ju 11, 1 4; Ra 7*
Su 2 9

*Ra 7
Ju 11, 1 4; Ra 7*
Sa 10, 2 3; Ma 10, 5 12
Me 2 7 10; Mo 4 8
Ju 11, 1 4

Ketu's sublord:
Ma 10, 5 12; Ra 7*
Ju 11, 1 4; Ra 7*
Sa 10, 2 3; Ma 10, 5 12
Me 2 7 10; Mo 4 8
Ju 11, 1 4

Ketu is not a good planet to speculate under. One it is a natural malefic and in this case it is also signifying very strongly the houses of 5 8 12, which is financial scandal, sexual  scandal and loss of face. There is 2 9 11 houses signified which will prevent total loss, but 5 8 12 signified so strongly at star and sub level will cause a lot of trouble. This is especially true as the dasha lord is giving both positive and negative results as far as finance and reputation is concerned.

Unfortunately, the native did not heed my advice and played in several places abroad. I know the person and he is a very fair minded person and has a strong sense of morality in financial dealings. However, on one occasion he was accused of cheating in a Poker game abroad after a big win (financial scandal). In reality the opponents who he beat were looking for a way out of paying him, and enough of them got together to orchestrate this accusation.

Now despite not being a cheater this person has had to face a severe jolt to his reputation. To the point that several people privately admit that the cheating accusation is frivolous but are still publicly using the opportunity to avoid paying him. So the people who he owes money want theirs back, and people who owe him money are refusing to pay him and now he is caught in a financial bind, causing reputation damage.

It is indeed sad that the native did not heed my advice to stay off the circuit for just a few months. 

Now when will the situation improve?  Ketu's Bhukti is getting over on October 25, 2017, which is about a month and a half from now. Then Venus starts, its significations are:

Ve 1 6 11; Su 2 9

Ve sublord:
Ju 11, 1 4; Ra 7

Ra 7
Ju 11, 1 4;  Ra 7*
Sa 10, 2 3; Ma 10, 5 12
Me 2 7 10; Mo 4 8
Ju 11, 1 4

Venus is extremely positive at the star and planet level, 1 2 6 9 11 means he will be able to get money from people who owe him and will be able to repay those to whom he owes the money. Sale of property may also be a source of income for him as the houses signified 9 and 11 are the 6th and 8th from the 4th house of property.

Looking forward the next dasha for the native is of Mars, beginning in Dec 2019. As seen above Mars will primarily give results of 5 8 12 houses and as such it would be advisable for the native to end his gambling career along with the Moon Dasha itself.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

With some querents like these...

Wont be discussing a chart but type of a client here. Most of the people asking me Qs are decent, honest people who genuinely want to know my take on a particular life event. But sometimes I get really funny ones. 

If someone wants to genuinely know what their career/marriage/ etc path should be then chart seeing can be a collaborative process. The very, very few people who have met me w.r.t. consulting a chart know that I make them sit next to me and take them through the intricacies of the chart to give them a better understanding of their life. There is feedback which can then go into fixing the birth time and more granular details can be given. Every chart depends on sthala - kaala - paatra, ie. place - time - character. 

Let me give you an example: Lets say some very, very conservative person contacts me and asks about marriage. I see a divorce in the person's chart. I tell him so. But then given the conservative community he belongs to, there may be no legal separation and the couple may simply live like strangers in the same house or have a physical separation. Now if the same person lies to me and tells me "no no...we are very western thinking, we divorce all the time in my family", then I would predict that there would be a legal separation. Then the person will tell me how I have read his/ her chart completely wrong! I am not a diviner of minds nor have I claimed to be, or a clairvoyant. I am simply a jyotisha student, an interpreter of Charts. Also, I have no time for people who want to test me. My sense of self is not derived from others' validation. If you want to prove jyotisha wrong, don't bother...I hereby admit that jyotisha is a lie and I am an idiot. Now move over and let me help people who actually want to be helped.

So examination of this singular person's chart can be analogized as follows: A patient goes to a doctors office and tells him, I am unwell. Doctor says, what are the symptoms? Patient says, No are the doctor, I don't want to ask you leading questions. Now will this examination work? 

Or, the patient says, "I have an ache". Doctor asks "where?". The patient says "in my head", when the pain is actually in his knee. The doctor spends  his precious time analysing all CT scans, MRI scans, what have you, for the head not getting any answer. In the end the patient says, you are an idiot, a real doctor would have figured out I was lying after so many tests and known that the pain is in my knee. Well, apart from the patient becoming a "pain in the butt" for the doctor himself, hasn't realised that the doctors examination of multiple hours and expenses has been focused on figuring out what is wrong with the head, so he would have never seen the knee at all! And the one thing the doctor doesn't count on is his patients deliberately testing him or lying to him. On top of it, the patient walks off without paying the fee, because the doctor has not diagnosed him correctly!

Now not only has the doctor wasted a lot of his time, but also the time of so many other genuine patients who were truly interested in getting cured. 

So this singular person wanted to know when they could buy a house. Instead of asking that question, they asked me how they would do in their career. I guess this Einstein was thinking if I make enough money then I will surely buy a house! It is not so, a rich person can live in a rented apartment and a poor person can manage to buy a small house. Regular readers would know that career is seen from the 6th and 10th house and buying a house property is dependent on the 4th. So I concentrated for hours on the 10th house and gave good periods of career and when would it be best to start a business or do well in career. And the native is wondering why am I not answering about the house!

Another example. The native asked if what they are doing currently for work is suitable or they should change the line of work. This, without telling me what their current line of work is! Like I said, I am not a diviner of minds. In any case, I attributed this airhead-ness to the Gemini Ascendant (dual and airy) and gave the person the best suited profession for them. Now a 5 year old will interpret this: If most suitable profession is what you do currently, stick with it. If not, then consider changing. But apparently this person wanted me to spell out like minute details of their life. Which simply isn't worth my time. If the patient doesn't want to be cured, what can a doctor do?! The best part was the ire this person had when I was unable to spell out a very, very niche profession that the native wanted to pursue. But I had described the type of profession perfectly. But that was not enough, some how the chart has to spit out the exact words, which isn't possible, because charts and the techniques of their interpretation have been there for 1000s of years, but professions get added and die off. So only a description of the type is possible which we need to correlate with various streams available currently.  

Last example was of when the native can expect a new arrival in the family. But instead of asking that, I was asked, any health concerns? So I am concentrating on the 6th cusp with I should be looking at the 5th, which is its vyayasthana! And then the person got exasperated that I am not getting anything right (which I dispute, I answered the questions asked, but this stupid, silly, juvenile addiction of continuous testing meant that what was asked was not what they wanted to ask!).

By this time, I was irritated enough with this childish behaviour and in interest of saving my time and sanity, admitted defeat for the sake of it. Said, I clearly am not able to understand your chart (read: divine the native's mind) and so best you dont ask me. And just like that errant patient who had lied to the doctor, the person left without compensating me for the hours I had spent, because I was unable to name their imaginary illnesses! In any case I always say, the money is for my time, not the prediction. Hahaha.

Honestly, I have done really well for myself and as such these few rupees/ dollars mean nothing. But they are necessary to weed out these fools. Imagine if the doctor in my example had said: every question you ask me, you have to pay fees. The wouldn't the first question have been: "Whats wrong with my knee, there is a pain in it?" Exactly!

So please, if you feel like testing something or someone, get a blood test, get a brain test. Dont test me. I have no time. My doors and heart is open to all those who want my help (dozens I have helped without taking money and dozens who I asked to donate to charity). But I've had it with the 'too smart by halfs' who have a lot of time on their hands, and too much space between their ears. I have neither.

The above post is based on a true story. But any resemblance to any actual person, living or dead, and any actual queries, asked or imagined, is unintentional and completely coincidental and should not be interpreted by anyone to mean their own life story.